• Question 1

    A: Where do you come from?
    B: I __ from Belluno.
  • Question 2

    A: What type of pizza ____ you like?
    B: I love Margherita.
  • Question 3

    A: Can you __ your surname?
    B: Yes, it's Zanin.
  • Question 4

    A: How much is the ticket?
    B: It ____ 5 euro.
  • Question 5

    A: Is that your car, Jenny?
    B: No, ____ car is a FIAT.
  • Question 6

    A: How ____ brothers and sisters do you have?
    B: Two. I have a brother and sister.
  • Question 7

    A: What will I need to check in?
    B: You ____ take your identity card or passport.
  • Question 8

    A: How ____ time does it take to cook the pasta?
    B: About 11 minutes.
  • Question 9

    A: Do you like Venice?
    B: I love Venice, but it is ____ expensive than Belluno.
  • Question 10

    A: How ____ have you been married?
    B: Since last June.
  • Question 11

    A: ____ your mother work full time or part time?
    B: Only part time since my little sister was born.
  • Question 12

    A: When did you start playing guitar?
    B: I've ____ playing since I was seven years old.
  • Question 13

    A: I sent you a message, but you didn't answer.
    B: Sorry, I ____ swimming in the pool.
  • Question 14

    A: It's very hot in here. Would you mind ____ the window?
    B: Not at all.
  • Question 15

    A: Have you got a cigarette?
    B: No, sorry. I stopped ____ four months ago.
  • Question 16

    A: Belluno, ____ is in Veneto, has around 36,000 inhabitants.
    B: Is it near Venice?
  • Question 17

    A: Where's your new flat?
    B: In a building overlooking the river. It's ____ fourth floor.
  • Question 18

    A: I hear it's your wedding anniversary next week.
    B: Yes, on Thursday we ____ have been married for 25 years
  • Question 19

    A: Is it difficult to adjust to living in the U.K.
    B: Not really. I still miss Italian food but I got ______ to driving on the left very quickly.
  • Question 20

    A: I would love to be a movie star!
    B: Me too! Just imagine you ____ so rich and famous!
  • Question 21

    A: Oh no! I failed the exam!
    B: If you __ studied more, you would have passed.
  • Question 22

    A: That car alarm is so noisy!
    B: Yes, why doesn't somebody turn it ____?
  • Question 23

    A: When you were running in the marathon, did you ever lose hope?
    B: Sometimes I wanted to give up, but I knew I would get to the finish line ____ the end.
  • Question 24

    A: Have you seen the new Star Wars film?
    B: Not yet. I'd ____ wait till it comes out on DVD.
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