The Once and Future King

Mentre attraversa corridoi bui e silenziosi in cerca di informazioni finisce in una biblioteca polverosa.
Al centro, un libro che sembra più antico del castello, aperto.
Liam si avvicina ed inizia a leggere…

Arthur is the first born son of King Uther Pendragon. He was born during some troubled times. Merlin, a wise magician, advises that the baby Arthur has to be raised in a secret place so that nobody knows his true identity. 

Also, Merlin uses his magic to set a sword in a stone and writes these words on the sword, in letters of gold: “Who pulls out this sword of this stone is the rightwise born king of all England.” Years after, a young man called Arthur, quite by chance, withdraws the sword for another person to use in a tournament and becomes King.

He is such a great man: he is calm, he never loses his temper; he is decisive, he never hesitates; he is generous, he is famous for giving help to anyone; he is friendly, especially with the knights he has around him.

He is famous for the Mount Badon’s victory and for living in Camelot. He likes Camelot because it is not too hot in summer and it is not too cold in winter. it is a cool place. 

When he is hungry, he eats cherries. When he is thirsty, he drinks still water. 

When he is sleepy, he is lazy. He is always on time and he doesn’t like who is late. He is a reasonable man, sometimes he is right, sometimes he is wrong.

Liam walks into the throne room. Walls are covered in red wallpaper, the floor is covered with tiles and the roof is a splendid … (come posso descrivere la parte con le statue?)

In the middle of the room, a massive throne made of wood: King Arthur is seated on it. He looks sad, he looks old and lonely. Liam hesitates: what can he do? can King Arthur help him in finding the Thief of Time?Can he… and suddenly Liam perceives King Arthur is staring at him.

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