Liam and the King

Scared? Sad? Surprised? Angry?

Liam is puzzled. He cannot understand how King Arthur feels.

“Well, lass, has the cat got your tongue?”

Now Liam feels relieved. King Arthur is not an old man from back in the days, as he speaks modern. “So, lass, tell me: who are you?” King Arthur asks. He wants to know why Liam is there.

dialogo simulato

King Artur feels good with Liam’s answers, he feels safe: Liam is an honest young man. Still, King Arthur does not understand why Liam is there, at Camelot. 

Liam answers he is searching for the Thief of Time. King Arthur replies he also looked for him once, back in time. “My realm is not majestic and flourishing anymore. The Thief of Time stole my personal time and I lost my ability in managing my kingdom. A King like me has to handle a lot of tasks, for the realm’s sake.”

“Liam, Why are you search for the Thief of Time?”

“Because he stole my time and I am angry.”

“Everyone is angry with the Thief of Time, but we are responsible for what we do every day. So, tell me, I need to know how you manage your daily time to be able to help you.”

A gift King Arthur still has is to make people be honest. Indeed, he is sure that Liam tells the truth:


Where do you have to go now? “ And Liam finally answers: “ I need to find the Thief of Time, but I don’t know where he is. Can you help me?”

I am not sure, I recall the last time I saw him was in that dark road called… What was its name?”

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