Mr Door is touched by the kind words Liam says and grants him access.

Once the door opens, LIAM finds himself in the castle hall. As he walks by, he hears/listens to some creepy voices from a distance. 

(WHO) are they?

(ARE) they phantoms? Ay! He starts listening/hearing to the voices. 

(WHERE) are they? Liam is curious, he is not scared of the voices. He walks around and goes toward the kitchen. That is where the voices come from.

(WHAT) is the kitchen? It is the room where food and drinks are prepared. 

Liam is almost at the entrance of the kitchen and hides behind a column. He cannot see anyone in the kitchen but the voices come from that room. (Who) is speaking then? Liam understands he is listening to a conversation two phantoms are having.


{esercizio di ordine durante l’ascolto}

“I am at King Arthur’s Castle?”. Liam is surprised. Actually, he is astonished. Just a few minutes earlier he was at the bus stop thinking about his life; now, he is in an unknown world, apparently at King Arthur’s castle, a guy he reads stories about. He stands still for a while, rubs his eyes sure that it was a dream and that he needs to wake up from it. Nothing changes. He is really there, in a castle, back in the time. “At this point” Liam thinks, “let’s search for the throne room. I may be lucky enough to meet this Arthur”.

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