Episode 4 – Catch me if you can

“Now you can find out what it’s really like not to have time. Your time is in my hands. It has become mine. I am the Time Thief and I punish all those who believe they have no time, who blame others for their lack of time, who are not aware of how much time they really have. I hope you will learn something from this new condition of yours.”

Liam is paralyzed by those words: can anyone really steal his time?

He looks around and sees the Time Thief running away.

“Stop!” he shouts, starting to run.

The Time Thief laughs and suddenly… poof! He disappears!

Liam stops, in disbelief.

“Where did he go?” he asks himself.

Then he looks down at the ground, there’s something there.

“What is it…”

A diary with a compass on it.

Liam picks it up and…poof! It disappears.

…Where on earth will Liam have gone?

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