Episode 3 – Behind the mask

Liam is disappointed about his condition and deeply immersed in his thoughts when a guy approaches him. A mask is covering his eyes, that type of mask you see on Halloween. Liam hasn’t noticed him when he hears a voice asking : “Why are you so sad?”. Liam blinks his eyes and looks at the guy, feeling a chill down the spine. He is scared of him, and wonders if the boy is really talking to him.

 “Yes, I am talking to you” the guy replies, as if he can read Liam’s mind. “Well, I just feel I am in a hurry, I feel like I don’t have time. I am hopeful, but it simply doesn’t work. And I am not crazy about my job, I want to get a better life” answers Liam, a bit angry about the question he received unexpectedly. The guy smiles and replies : “ You are a fool. As foolish as anyone else states they don’t have time. You have no idea what “not having time” means. You should be happy with the time you have.” 

Liam is getting more disappointed. Who is this guy who dares to consider him a fool? 

Liam is really annoyed. He says he doesn’t know anything about managing time, he feels like the entire Universe is against him.

The masked boy smiles at him and answers him this way…

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