Episode 2 – Does this bus stop at 82nd Street?

That’s where our adventure starts.

Liam, one of the many characters you’ll meet, is standing next to the bus stop. He is a very nice guy, a hard-working and humble young man. However, he is complaining. He doesn’t have time. No time to study, no time to improve. Moreover, he doesn’t have responsibilities, which he is actually not displeased with. Facing the truth, he is a descendant of a Treasure Hunters family, and he is the first one of several past generations not to be involved in this job. Indeed, he works as a delivery man. If only….

So much to think about.

Liam knows this is what he longs for. He wants to become a Treasure Hunter. He wants to improve himself, learn the languages and the skills he needs to be able to leave for the entire world. If only he had time.

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