Episode 1 – Time waits for no one

…How much time do we spend dreaming, during our life?

A long one for sure. By the way, I am not talking about those dreams we have at night, not at all. I am talking about daydreaming, while we look around and wish to change things. We wish to change the world, to change our destiny, to change ourselves. If only we had the Time to do it….

How many times do we make this excuse? It’s a matter of time we don’t have. We behave as if someone has stolen our time.

Is that so?

Perhaps, time is not what we lack, we miss something else.

Do you know what?

If you ignore it, let me tell you a story, a story that began long long ago, perhaps it hasn’t begun yet…the story of a thief.

A story that tells about time, bravery, decisions, self-confidence, a story about the non-surrendering in front of any roadblock, a story that begins here…

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